• post img I-Medix

    I-Medix is focused on developing groundbreaking innovation to improve not only our own products but how we all find the right hospital for our needs.

    I-Medix is perhaps the only platform that allows for searching for hospitals based on location, service types, insurance providers, gender and physician qualifications, without being restricted to a particular chain or a smaller group of hospitals.

  • post img Guru Anda

    Guru Anda is providing a virtual and physical meeting place for teachers and students who wish to improve their professional skills. With our interactive tools and resources, all you have to do is create your profile and contact the teacher of your choice.

    With our mobile app, you can find, choose and ask the teacher to meet you wherever it suits you, at the local Starbucks (when your parents do shopping), at home, in the park after school, and even on Skype or anywhere else as is practical for you and the teacher you choose.

  • post img Doktorku

    Empatix Medical and DoktorKu consist of a number of modules that can be combined and used by many different companies in health and care.

    For clinics and hospitals, from small single doctor offices to major national organizations with headquarters and hundreds of clinics, dental offices, psychologists, physiotherapists and other health professions.

    Empatix Medical is happy to cooperate with laboratories, pharmacies, and distributors, and integrates with their ERP systems to streamline the procurement process to achieve benefits and simplification for our customers.

  • post img TixJob

    TixJob, much more than just an APP

    • Digital dissemination of work/assignments between client and employee
    • Continuous and effective mobility that reduces time spent and costs
    • Functions that provide control and predictability
    • Dialogue tools that create loyalty and a good working environment
    • A modern, fast and smarter digital channel between employee and employer


  • post img WiseHouse

    WiseHouse helps organizations with:

    • Improve working methods and work processes for more efficient management teams and themes.
    • Improve working methods in leadership and employee development
    • Implement business management tools and unified line management.
    • Use of tools to implement effective quarterly priorities, development leader, and employee interviews.
    • Use of tools to win all stages of project work to raise quality and reduce risk.
    • Training and certification of internal consultants.

  • post img Hoteltix

    Hoteltix is a cloud-based solution for both small stand alone and demanding hotels and lodging chains.

    Developed in cooperation with Indosat, Indonesia's second-largest telecom company with more than 100 million subscribers.

    100% integrated with online bookings, real-time information, back office, front office, housekeeping, booking, and sales department. Works as well on desktop PCs as on your mobile phone or pad.