PT Empatix is Web enthusiasts

We develop systems for WEB, APP or both platforms. In some cases, an APP works well alone and other time it is useful to have a matching web system.

If you are not sure if you need an APP, start with the WEB. PT Empatix has 1000`s of functions we easily can make available for you, and when you have the functionality you need on WEB, then we make an APP with all or similar functions.

We are developing Apps for Android and iOS at the same time

- free of charge

The most widely used mobile operating systems for phones and tablets are Android (such as Samsung) and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

It's something to keep in mind when planning an app. It's a bad store to bind to only one of the platforms, while it's very costly and time-consuming to develop native apps for all platforms.

Empatix, therefore, develops cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android based on the same foundation.

This will make the app available to many more users, while saving development time - and your money!

Once the app is ready, we'll help you launch it in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

When you connect traditional information services with GPS location, camera and push notifications, as you can do in an app - it opens up a lot of new opportunities.

PT Empatix has designed and developed apps for, among other things, Job Monitor and WiseHouse. But you do not need to be a player like these to take advantage of the technology and our expertise in app development.

We would like to share our experiences with you, and would like to have a chat if you plan an app.

Please contact, we love a challenge!

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