About Us

PT Empatix is a software house from Jakarta, Indonesia. PT Empatix is strategically aiming at the high-end software market. 

Empatix services include investigation, development, entrepreneurship and operational task

The company has a special focus on e-commerce and solutions related to communication, buying and selling through applications on WEB and mobile.

Our focus lies in cloud systems. 

  • We develop and maintain web-based software and apps.
  • Empatix loves web and app technology - and has cultivated this.
  • We have put together a favorite set of tools, methods, programming languages and open source libraries, which enable us to develop systems:
    • faster
    • with more modern technology
    • with higher quality

- Than our competitors

What we do:

  • Creates IT infrastructure that protects and strengthens the customer's value chain
  • Develops, drives and maintains web-based software and applications from reputable formats and standards.
  • Gathers business-critical information in secure databases for stable operation and storage
  • Integrates new solutions with established systems and optimizes the value chain

Why we exist

  • Measurable customer value is the basis of our deliveries
  • Solid expertise in both IT, e-commerce and related technology
  • Cost-effective development environment in Norway and Indonesia
  • Uncompromising attitude towards security in all we do
  • Strong alliances and partnerships allow for large and complex assignments.

What we are living up to:

  • Product and services are characterized by high quality
  • Deliveries are carried out at the agreed time and price
  • Program languages and libraries are from open source codes
  • Security is absolutely everything we do
  • We always set up for our customers